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Taking pictures to share with my mother was how this all started.

I would travel to different national parks and long distance trails looking for views that few people could see.  As a planner, I made sure to capture each area at it's peak.  I would look for places to shoot star photos on the new moon and try to capture the best parts of the Appalachian Trail with fall foliage.  Because of this, my photos were always unique and vibrant and soon after I got started, folks started asking if these photos were for sale.

As years went by, I sold more, created yearly calendars, and shot more.  I studied more about photography technique and editing.  I looked beyond the classic vistas and searched for beauty in the details and off the beaten track.  I was becoming a professional photographer and developing my own creative style.

What started as a way to share and another hobby to keep up with became my life.  Every day I looked for the snaps of our lives and the beauty around us.  I began photographing people, events, and products.  The hobby was now a business, and sometimes I had to take days off.

Some hikes were better without a camera and vacations weren't always planned around getting more photos.  And the reality is, my passion for photography has only grown deeper from all of this.  It's not only about the beauty of a time and place in my photos now.... It's about the emotion and the feelings that I gather from my snaps.

I love when my imagination kicks in and I realize there is a lot more energy in my photos than just the light that I captured.

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